Auto Accident Injuries

You have heard the saying, "You are what you eat."  We nourish our bodies to supply and replace physical and mental energy., repair worn tissue, and provide materials the body uses to manufacture hormones, enzymes, and other vital substances.  Wouldn't you like to be at your peak potential?  Nutrition can help!

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Work is so much better without the addition of physical stress and strain.  Through the application of ergonomics you can learn how to be more comfortable, healthy, and even more productive and happy at work.

Occupational - Repetitive Stress and Strain

This is a symptom of  a problem occurring in the body - it can be simple or complex.  Without evaluation and treatment, it might develop into something worse.  With back pain, it's worth getting an evaluation  to determine the cause of the pain, and to obtain relief.

The body heals itself.  After a trauma (such as an accident) the repair process will occur.  However, if you receive proper corrective treatment, the ill effects will be greatly diminished

We all experience temporary neck pains, but neck pain that won't go away after a day or so is a more serious matter.  If your neck pain lasts for days or keeps coming back, it may be caused by injury, disease, congenital malformation, or progressive degeneration. We can determine and treat the underlying cause.


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